"Cultural Upbringing" and "Education"

Definitions from an inter-cultural Point of View
Cultural Upbringing and Education: a Must!

All knowledge of CULTURAL INTERRELATIONS has to be conveyed continuously to children and young persons in an appropriate way, a great responsibility for parents and teachers. Especially a MOTHER – as bearer of life – has to enlarge her KNOWLEDGE by permanently checking on her philosophy of life and WORLD VIEW and her own CHARACTER in order to raise her understanding to the best possible level, from an ETHICAL point of view. The same applies for TEACHERS. The profession of a teacher – in whatever institution – is of utmost SIGNIFICANCE to a future society in WELFARE and PEACE, a society still far away from today’s.

In addition to the teaching of the PRINCIPLES OF CAUSE AND EFFECT the improvement of the individual character is imperative for a cultural upbringing in order to reach a sense of RESPONSIBILITY in view of actions and events. This implies the capability to THINK, the ability to DIFFERENTIATE and the knowledge about the significance of BEAUTY. A teacher must confirm to his students  that they are real CREATORS OF CULTURE through the beauty of their thoughts. So they contribute comprehensively through developing positive values in CHARACTER as well as COURAGE and SELFLESSNESS to achieve PEACE and HARMONY in all fields of life.

The awareness of the SIGNIFICANCE OF BEAUTY in all aspects, of own CREATIVE ACTIONS (craft and arts) and of the SOCIAL COMMUNITY are of elementary importance. The results of EGOCENTRIC and ALTRUISTIC BEHAVIOUR should be compared. COMPARATIVE RELIGIOUS SCIENCES and a look at the life and work of renowned personalities who served the development and common good (well-being) of humanity - in short of all real BEARERS OF CULTURE and GREAT MINDS- is recommended. Knowledge of ASTRONOMY, ASTROPHYSICS and COSMOLOGY should be implicitly conveyed together with the scientifically researched subject of “ETHICS”. Since children in general have a very well developed sense of justice, they will be enthusiastic about this subject which is based on the clear principle of cause and effects. In this way they will learn about the principles of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” and that “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING”, thus recognizing the decisive importance of all actions and non-actions of each individual – young or old – which is an imperative precondition for a future commitment to harmony and peace.