"Civilisation" and "Culture"


Definitions from an inter-cultural Point of View

CIVILISATION is understood as the actions and self-revelations of man in daily life, in politics and economics, applied sciences and technology, in his individual and social behaviour, in his habits of consumption and in his concrete and practised corresponding behaviour in the fields of culture and nature. Man reveals himself in civilisation in the quality and direction of his actions, through his ethics of acting, his innert living and expressed culture or non-culture!

The term CULTURE consists of two parts: “cult” = worship, and “ur” = light and is synonymous for “the supreme, the highest”. (“Ur” is a term in Sanskrit, the origin of many languages.) Culture must be considered the human target to gain an actively-conscious access to the higher, intellectually not understandable forces, powers, laws and hierarchy of order to comply with them based on wise insight. Religions (denominations) and philosophies of life (teachings of wisdom) are part of this sphere. They determine, lead, inspire and guide man in his actions directed to a higher order, idols, God(s) and others.

CULTURE is strictly connected to nature. It is a dimension of higher understanding of the cosmic order of life. Man – positioned between nature, i. e. his personal sphere of life and the cosmic sphere of life – has to respect and to correspond to this order. Culture consequently also means: knowledge and understanding of micro- as well as macro-cosmic interrelations. It is embedded in harmony in the law of cause and effect (law of responsibility) and the law of evolution as defined by the founders of religion and teachers of wisdom.

When looking at the history of mankind we repeatedly find epochs later on called the “Golden Ages of Culture” which distinguished themselves not only by extraordinary creations in all fields of ART, but also by harmonious social-political, scientific and economic conditions. These conditions served the common good and could only develop and blossom in times of PEACE.


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