"Intellect" and "Spiritual Mind"

Definitions from an inter-cultural Point of View
Definition “Intellect” and “Spiritual Mind”

It is to the activity of our INTELLECT that we owe the total CIVILIZATION and PARTS of our CULTURE. The great merits about the development of human knowledge and of science through persistent RESEARCH, analysis and synthesis, calculations and logical conclusions must be attributed to human intellect as well. All achievements in the field of IMPROVING and FACILITATING LIFE result from the intellectual mind. Unfortunately the present OVERDEVELOPMENT OF THE INTELLECT is addressed to short-term results mostly and does not care about harmful “side-effects” for both mankind and nature. Going beyond certain limits  leads to the DESTRUCTION of the foundations of culture and therefore inevitably into self-destruction. The fate of whole nations and eventually of humanity depends on the direction of developments chosen and pursued by the intellect.

The exaggerated intellect ridicules and denies the higher principles (values) and CRITIZISES NEGATIVELY the incomprehensible. It accepts no other authority, but its own. From a scientific point of view it will not accept higher principles but IDOLIZES SCIENCE as a SUBSTITUTE. Thus man becomes an ENEMY of his own, of nature and of creation.

The SPIRITUAL MIND or SPIRITUAL THINKING respectively INTUITION (thinking through the HEART) is the HIGHEST FORM of human mind. The achievement of the intellect is knowledge, the achievement of the spiritual mind is WISDOM. This is not a matter of education: any human being may have wisdom. The spiritual mind is and has always been the SOURCE OF INSPIRATION for great ARTISTS, poets, thinkers, musicians and visual artists. All noble, beautiful and TRUE CULTURAL VALUES mankind ever created rose from the spiritual mind.

Further and higher development of CHARACTER, the gaining of INSIGHT in the nature of things and of human existence, of HARMONY, beauty and justice, love, magnanimity and selfsacrifice derive from the use of the spiritual mind. Spiritual mind must RANK MUCH HIGHER than the intellect, it must be the GUARDIAN (custodian) OF THE INTELLECT, because today’s high civilisation with its PROBLEMS in all fields of life is the ESSENCE of the results of a UNILATERAL INTELLECTUAL way of THINKING. The FOSTERING of MIND and HEART creates a true culture of thinking. Culture of thinking leads to culture in all actions.