Malicious destruction of irreplaceable cultural heritage by the United States

My Correspondence with an unknown russian woman and my answer

10.11.2014 • ... As I read your letter I thought about using your words as the first "human bridge" - a way Americans can learn how you, an unknown Russian woman feels.  Who knows some of them may want to answer back and let you and others know their perceptions and hopes for our two countries. Thank you for giving me permission to share your letter - I'll do just that! My list goes out to close to 2,000 Americans, so this is a start toward our two peoples making personal contact again, sharing our deepest hopes - and making our world a more communicative place - one in which we can share our similar and different points of view.

Yes I know about the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace signed in our White House and ratified by our US Senate in 1935 - and by 21 other American states. And yes, it needs to be held irrevocable in our 21st Century. Thank you for the photos at the end as reminders of what can happen during wars to irreplaceable objects of art from our civilizations.

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