Wars to maintain the Western excessiveness!

06.08.2012 • Many scientific analyses prove today that our planet is totally overburdened in many ways, from a world political, social and economic point of view. The earthly resources are plenty, however, the excessive use by Western civilizations (based on greed, unlimited consumption, luxury, ruthlessness and unscrupulousness) would require – according to scientists – a total of 3 planets of the Earth type to make up for the present-day demands. This excessive requirement with respect to geo-resources has already led to various economic wars – open or hidden – which often are covered by the “banner of charity” or similar.

Wars and conflicts of this type eat up even more resources which, in fact, are no longer available! In additon, infrastructure is distroyed in areas where generations over centuries have contributed to build a living basis for many people. Even the NATO – supposedly initiated to defend noble ideas and as self-defense – is using its superiority in weapons technology against civilians, against children, women, disabled and old people. Where are the heroes of today? With a world policy practiced in this way, Europe is losing its right to exist, from a cultural and social-ethical point of view – and is digging its own grave. In view of two terrible world wars, Europe should have overcome the role of a defender or vassal of foreign powers and economic interest by now.

Europe and the USA obviously are leading the most various wars in different fields in order to defend the assets collected over centuries in other territories and continents so that their own living standard might not be diminished! The exploitation of our planet, however, has reached its limit since long! Let us use our imagination what is next?! (- wet -)