International Congress: COSMOS - HUMAN HEALTH

Challenges to the holistic medicine
Alushta/CRIMEA, Oct 15-18, 2013

Report by Erich Fankhauser

15.12.2013 • Dating back to the 1993 conference „Alternative preventative health care” (from a cultural, spiritual and psychological perspective), this event was followed by various events in Crimea such as the 2004 conference on “Valeology” (as a contemporary healing and health perspective) as well as the 2005 conference on “Ethics and Humanism”. This year’s series of conferences was carried forward under the title “Cosmos – Human Health”. Unfortunately such timely topics and practices have not yet resonated with Western physicians and healers. They prefer to consider their own structures of questionable compromise – instead of incorporating the Cosmic, religious and ethical principles and natural laws into their procedures.

The congress in Alushta at the south coast of the Black Sea (Crimea/Ukraine) offered especially to the alternative healthcare practitioners, therapists and healers the opportunity to report about their research activities in diverse speeches, workshops and the individual sections as well as to describe their services in order to mutually develop new extended methods and strategies. The topic of health has grown to be very significant, especially since today’s illnesses caused by civilisation habits almost in every aspect – particularly in the western world – are growing rapidly. Guests and participants in this conference travelled from Ukraine, Russia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland – who all contributed substantially to important topics. Thus, everyone could benefit from various experiences and synergy effects.

The congress was more or less divided in two parts, one being addressed to alternative sciences, practices and various forms of therapy – while the participants from our European group from Germany, Austria and Switzerland debated the topic of cosmic, earthly and human recovery mainly from a spiritual-ethical perspective based on cosmic laws and principles, bearing in mind that human individuals really are cosmic beings and therefore have to follow cosmic rules, for their own benefit.

Some free time was used for an instructive excursion to Yalta visiting the Liwadija-Palace – the last Tsar family’s summer residence (Nikolaus II.). This palace became famous due to the so-called “Yalta Conference” held there in 1945 – during which leaders of the USA (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Great Britain (Winston Churchill) and its host, the Soviet Union (Josef Stalin) met and negotiated on post-war Europe – inventing structures that people are still suffering from until today.

At the plenum’s closing the lack of young people in the conference was commented in various statements. The future belongs to the young generation, we all agree and – it is them who have to learn carrying it consciously and for the benefit of the future structures of civilization. It will be especially the youth who will have to develop the foundations for a new and more peaceful world, with a healthy population and who will have to implement the necessary strategies to this end.

The following resolution was agreed upon: In the nearer future a “World Ethics Forum” is to be prepared reflecting the basics for all mankind: human health as well as world peace, no doubt, can only be reached and strengthened by complying with the laws of life, equal to the cosmic and ethical principles. The work of the necessary planning for such a Forum and the organisational prerequisites have to be started right away. Further organisational meetings in that direction are already planned.

* * *

Congress lectures by the co-workers of the Int. Association "PEACE through CULTURE" Europe and the Int. Association  "PAX UNIVERSALIS"

Topic Lecture Author
Plenary session lecture: Cosmos - Human Health
How we build the bridge to an understanding of human life and to health from a macrocosmic perspective?

Wilhelm Augustat, President of the
Int. Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe

Ethical Acting – A Prerequisite for Spiritual and Psychic Hygiene for a Healthy Life

Dorothee Frey-Burghardt, Vice-President,
Int. Association PEACE through CULTURE-Europe

Basis for people’s health and a fair world

Erich Fankhauser, President
PEACE through CULTURE-Switzerland

The Cosmic Nature of Man – The Key to Health


Marco Vukovic
Int. Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe

Our Fundamental Attitude towards Nature and the Cosmos
Philosophical interpretation of the current scientific events and social issues and the consequences to be drawn from that

J.S., Int. Association PAX UNIVERSALIS