Current Affairs

This column reflects short comments, reports and excerpts from daily newspapers and other media, but in addition offers letters to the editor from the international network of friends who are related somehow or other to our main subject “PEACE through CULTURE”.

Our point of view with regard to “culture” is mainly focussed on the Ethical Behaviour shown in everyday life, in politics and economy, in the societal environment and in the arts! Therefore, some of the subjects dealt with in this view may differ from the traditional “belles topics” in conjunction with culture. We concentrate our activities on the raising of culture in all activities by everyone, towards a mutual understanding among peoples, including an intercultural dialogue, striving for an improved behaviour in the daily life both by the individual and by the whole of society. It is for this reason that we quite naturally touch subjects from the area of politics as well as economy, from the societal field, technology etc.

Any opinions quoted here must not necessarily comply with the editor’s view. We reserve the right to abbreviate letters to the editor or essays etc. Authors preferring to remain anonymous shall inform us accordingly so protection of the individual may be guaranteed.