"No more official religion for Norway"

22.07.2012 • "Norway is distancing itself from its Christian past. The Storting, the country's Parliament, will amend the constitution so that the state no longer has an official religion, ending the 1000 year tradition of the Church of Norway.

All 169 members of the seven parties in Parliament, including 10 representatives from the Christian Democratic Party and 30 from the Conservative Party, are said to be behind the move, according to a report from TV2.

The government will no longer have a minister of churches, and the state will no longer be responsible for the appointment of bishops and deans. Instead, Norway will treat all religions and philosophies equally.

"The state will no longer engage in religious activities, but support the Norwegian church, national church and other religious and belief communities in line with it," reports NRK.

The Church of Norway is evangelical Lutheran and says on its website around 86% of the population are baptized members.

The amendments are expected to be formally since 15. June 2012."

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Comment: There are multiple traditions to be overcome that have grown over centuries, thus producing numerous facts of injustice, privileges without basis and so on. The pressure caused by the young generations as well as the growing immigration by civilians from foreign cultural backgrounds are forcing the political leaders to watch carefully over equal treatment and justice towards the entire population. Norway, indeed, earns the title of a positive showcase in many respects …. (web editorial team)