We all celebrate Sept. 21st as the “International Day of Peace”!

18.08.2012 • September 21st is the date chosen by UN as the “International Day of Peace” (declared on November 30, 1981). This is the day when all people worldwide should become aware of the significance of friendship among peoples and of the necessity of global harmony to be reached on a non-violent basis.

To achieve this target, it is most necessary to activate the concept of WORLD PEACE without any detours, to support all activities in this direction and to promote this target jointly with others. Help to put an end to the daily rumors of war, to the battles among brothers, to civil wars, to the destruction of cultural values, by non-violent initiatives!

All of us – but most of all the young generation – are seeking a peaceful future!

Use your own initiative to support this basic attitude in all levels of life. Within your frame of possibilities, please, motivate the political parties to strongly activate this subject on a high priority basis. Remind your friends of this noble target of humanity by leading dialogues in this direction.


Kindly distribute this Appeal and this information as far as possible!