India - Basics for a Common World Initiative towards a Synthesis of Religion and Science

Contribution to the Congress ”World-Peace Thinkers Meet”
Calcutta–India, January 2001; by Willy Augustat, Austria
President of the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE"


World Peace is a result of

  • the inner, spiritual and ethical attitude of a majority of mankind manifesting itself in the CULTURE of people.
  • Therefore, world peace has to born first of all in the heads and hearts of people expressing itself as a process in an improved ethical quality in day to day actions in the spheres of religion, politics, economy, society and development of new technologies.
  • World peace as a process of consciousnessis based exclusively on the view of the world and sense of life of those people participating in this development.
  • The present global state of consciousness of „believers“ (religious and philosophical groups) and „non-believers“ (those who are materialistically or scientifically oriented only) is the primary cause of the permanently increasing conflict within mankind.
  • The key for a transformation of this trend – in my opinion – is to be found in the hands of the world religions respectively philosophical movements.

* * *


CULTURE representing all higher principles serving life on the whole including natural (cosmic) laws, energies and targets. Culture’s primary task therefore is to make people understand this correlation.

CIVILIZATION with its task to improve the physical and material life in the present time, to facilitate processes of day to day life by using technical progress and the findings of natural sciences for a more convenient life.

Whereas CULTURE is concentrating on the spiritual part of the human being it is considered more or less „abstract“ (at least in the view of civilization).

CIVILIZATION, however, is purely a temporary result within a certain period of evolution and must be considered as a physical and material instrument.

What has to be done in order to achieve a synthesis so that CULTURE in its widest sense will gain back its proper position and first rank in human life?

The following outlines shall serve to explain some ideas in this direction:


  • There was a time when culture was almost EXCLUSIVELY and ABSOLUTELY based on RELIGION – the latter inspiring, motivating and ruling society. Monarchs and the so-called upper class (elite) „forced“ the best sources (artists, architects, philosophers and thinkers in general as well as religious institutions) to express themselves and guide people in all means, ways and activities of life to a higher ethical understanding and service towards the so-called „HIGHER“ Dimension
  • the whole human society - wherever - had ONLY one target: to honour the higher spiritual source in many variations (forms of religion, philosophies), BUT identical in their roots.
  • CULTURE(i.e. religion and philosophy) DOMINATED the entire day to day life, structures and initiatives on all levels. Politics, economy, technology etc. played, more or less, only an assisting and supporting role.


    (mainly viewed from the West, but also as a trend in the „rest of the world“)
  • the Cultural Dimension as described earlier finds itself in an extreme process of elimination.
  • Religion (mostly the Christian churches) and philosophy became „trivial“  and mystical and address their work more and more to the MATERIALISTIC dimension only – and are losing even more members, power, authority due to this poor attitude.
  • CULTURE (as far as arts and similar fields) has been taken over by PSEUDO-artists, commercial institutions and enterprises and is USED by political groups and at best tolerated as RELICTS from the „GOOD OLD DAYS“.
  • POLITICS, ECONOMY(or the Capital), NATURAL SCIENCES and TECHNIQUES etc. have taken over almost entire controll, guidance and directions by funding and supporting a PSEUDO-CULTURAL-MOVEMENT (opposite to EVOLUTION) solely according to THEIR own understanding, targets and needs.
  • A NON-SPIRITUAL „MATERIALISM“, heavily suppported by many scientists, serving the described „SYSTEM“, defines „LIFE, EXISTENCE and COSMOS“ to be absolutely MATERIAL only.  No sign of (a) „SPIRIT“, no „HIGHER WORLD“ or subtle life dimension, no need of any CULTURE (or religious view), since „life“ according to them is a purely MATERIALISTIC status and restricted to the present existence and to the planet Earth and therefore is based on pure consumption.
  • ALL EDUCATIONAL systems (universities, schools etc.) therefore educate the human potential based on the above structures  – thus generating PURE MATERIALISTS!
  • CULTURE- as a dimension of synthesis of Spirit (inner, subtle constitution of all living, biological and organical units) and Matter is more and more „OUT“ in the Western World and has been reduced to a non-scientific level of privacy, more and more ignored by the official systems! At best „TOLERATED“ by political institutions and in social perspectives as a „CONSERVATIVE“ point of view.
  • POLITICS and ECONOMYare decided and supported by finance and only with respect to WHAT kind of structures THEY need to achieve THEIR own targets.
  • Within the so called EVOLUTIONARY DIMENSIONS of INDIVIDUALITY  and SOCIETY - in politics, economy, science – the spiritual or religious dimension has been cut out totally.
  • before mentioned processes are supported by governments worldwide
  • again we have to stress the fact that the so called religious movements even cooperate with non-spiritual (NON-CULTURAL) political and economical groups of interest to achieve for themselves short-term benefits and by giving up their basic task and targets.



  • SCIENCE(physics and biology) have „crossed“ the boarder to the SUBTLE Dimension of „LIFE ENERGY“ (the area of photons, energy quantums etc.) and will go further - but being more and more helpless to interprete and indentify their findings into a higher understanding of life and the world in general, i.e. to prove and confirm the UNITY of MATTER and SPIRIT in ALL forms of life; therefore scientists will – for the near future – not be able to understand the higher laws and rules determing biological life and organisms.
  • It is the primary task of RELIGIONand PHILOSOPHY (as both must be considered SCIENCES based on cosmic laws and energies) to cooperate actively, resp. offer to the fields of natural science an assisting and contributing service and cooperation for fast and serious progress in understanding – in order to close the „GAP“ existing between the two.
  • Religion and PhilosophyMUST (!) initiate such a support by addressing natural sciences and by founding a kind of coordination pools with their best representatives. The tendency on the scientific side to open up a dialogue between natural and spiritual sciences seems to be growing and the momentum must be used to overcome the disastrous fallback we have experienced until today.
  • Religion and Philosophymust first, however, „CLEAN UP“ their own mystical position to the best possible towards a theological-theosophical basis of science, otherwise they will lose the last credit and recognition as a „SCIENCE“. A dialogue and progress together with the now dominating natural sciences and towards a renewal of „Culture“ in the sense as outlined before will only be successful based on this prerogative.
  •  „CIVILIZATION“ without „CULTURE“will lead to an even growing degeneration of our so-called civilized world!
  • As a first step Religion and Philosophy, but also social science as well as the areas of medicine and biologywill have to accept the universal law of CAUSE AND EFFECT within all living, i.e. biological structures, especially because this need is the basis of all „Ethical Sciences“.
  • Religion and Philosophyto initiate and open up „communication-circles“ for dialogue and cooperation based on mutual respect fighting on facts to overcome the present terrible canyon between materialistic (natural) and spiritual sciences (including religion and philosophy)
  • Religion and Philosophyto initiate jointly „CONSULTING-BOARDS“ as SERVICE for political, economical and social institutions - and mainly for the more and more dominating world of science
  • Religion and Philosophyfirst of all have to EXECUTE their own capabilities for such an open dialogue, BEFORE further steps can even be taken.
  • Religion and Philosophywill only gain ground again, if „the BASIS OF SCIENCE“ will be properly handled.
  • Religion and Philosophyto LEAVE their hideaways, open themselves actively within the general social evolution, to contribute to the world consciousness, to FIGHT for the reality of spirit and matter as one UNITY of LIFE!
  • Religion and Philosophyto SERVE the social evolution of mankind within the modern world of today, with spiritual weapons of higher knowledge and in an absolutely non-violent structure.
  • Religion and PhilosophyARE NOT FREE TO STAY AWAY OR TO AVOID the arena of consciousness struggle. The destructive trends in all dimensions of life are calling out LOUD for HELP, for a way „out“, for a lightful silverline on the horizon of our common future.Absence from this arena is „BETRAYAL“ of MANKIND!
  • SCIENCE(physics, biology and others) HAS found resp. WILL FINDmany more FACTS about the inner, biological structures and „life-energy“ resp. „programme“, i.e. the SUBTLE ENERGY STRUCTURE of living organisms.

  • there is only ONE OPEN UNIVERSE (there is no „outside“!)
  • UNIVERSE  is expressing itself in LOWER AND HIGHER FORMS of the Basic Element „SPIRIT-MATTER“.
  • MATTER is co-eternalised with SPIRIT and man is just a complex of infinite gradations in the differentiation of ONE ELEMENT: „SPIRIT-MATTER“
  • the human constitution is a SYNTHESISof BOTH – physical body and CONSCIOUSNESS
  • in today’s view: „life“ is a manifestation of UNKNOWN ENERGIES (substances)
  • in tomorrow’s understanding: a manifestation (in materialistic structure) of SPIRIT
  • there is NO PURE MATTER - as „EVERYTHING“ is a „crystallisation“ of SPIRIT (inner subtle energies, structures, programmes)
  • Religion and Philosophyto struggle for a way to LINK natural sciences to a common platform in order to give clear, natural and simple (scientifically based) answers to all questions of humanity!
  • Religion and Philosophytherefore will have to initiate and support NEW forms of SCIENCES like:







* * *

  • Areas being very near to Religion and Philosophy such as the medical field, psychology, psychiatry, biology and all other „bio“-areas should be chosen for cooperation in the beginning – and especially the field of bio-physics with its research into photons and light quantums.
  • Religion and Philosophyto support the initiation of ETHICAL BOARDS as standards within all life structures (in politics, economy, social relations, sciences...).-
  • Religion and Philosophy must struggle very hard to BECOME a respected and „needed“ PARTNER towards POLITICS, ECONOMY,  SOCIAL STRUCTURE and SCIENCE „AGAIN“! The time when Religion and Philosophy was able to „rule“ all life-dimensions more or less by „dictated guidance“, belongs to the past. The way out can only be based on free will, consciousness incl. UNDERSTANDINGand of course – NON-VIOLENCE!

Final Statement

Our COSMOS or  the micro- and macro-cosmos is an „OPEN“ dimension we have to discover by our consciousness and awareness (by means of SCIENCE). Here ­– and NOT outside in the so-called „NOWHERE“ – we all have to discover the dimension of the eternal and infinite UNIT of „SPIRIT and MATTER“!

It will take all OUR energy and all resources to open the human consciousness on a world wide level to UNDERSTAND!

ONLY when this task is fullfilled and on its way to the average human awareness, we all have fullfilled our COMMON RESPONSIBILITY and then are on the way to WORLD PEACE!


May I draw your attention also to my colleagues lecture titled „The Future Understanding of the Reality of GOD“ supplementing my statements from a more detailed view.