India - "The Future Understanding of the Reality of God"

Contribution to the Congress ”World-Peace Thinkers Meet”
Calcutta–India, January 2001
by Reinhold Maria Stangl, Austria

President of ”Welt-Spirale”, Linz-Austria


”The future understanding of the reality of GOD”



The following statements shall serve as essential factors for a ”new” and scientifically based understanding of the term GOD (the ”gate of consciousness” of GOD) – as an indispensable prerogative for WORLD PEACE.

* * *

As the most significant step towards World Peace, the existing deep gap between the various fields of natural sciences on the one hand and the variations of religious systems on the other hand with respect to the definition of ”what is religion” and ”what is GOD” has to be overcome.

In this connection I would like to draw your attention also to the topic raised in Mr. Augustat‘s speech under the title ”Basics for a Common World Initiative towards a Synthesis of Religion and Science” in order to define the reality of the bipolarity of Spirit and Matter as ”one indivisible element”!

In view of the unity of the world ahead of us and of the spritual evolution uniting mankind, a profound and improved idea of ”what is GOD” must be formulated. The previous terms (as mostly used by people in the western hemisphere) leading to a personal GOD, responsible for the whole universe, cannot be used any more in the present epoch of space navigation and modern natural science. This fact is even recognized by christian theologists, however, they do not know any way out of this paradox situation.

Mankind has developed the most various ideas of GOD. So it is possible to honour GOD or the Divine Principle in an atom, in a crystal, in a flower, in an animal, in a human being, in a Master of Wisdom or in a Logos. GOD is everywhere and the only important factor is in which of His (Its) manifestations we want to recognize Him (It) as constructor, creative energy or infinite primary energy. The Divine Principle is the primary cause and the impulse for life on all levels.

Therefore, GOD is everything and everything is GOD! It is of no significance to which of the religions someone belongs, whether someone is christian, buddhist, muslim or hindu. All paths lead to GOD.

Each and every idea of GOD  is related to the level of consciousness in a certain period of time. Therefore, each level of consciousness brings about the adequate idea of GOD.

Since at the present stage of natural science we are confronted with an unlimited, infinite space with gigantic cosms, the former ideas of ”what is GOD” cannot be accepted any longer, and the young generation is driven towards atheism due to the lack of a scientifically based, reasonable, logical answer to this question.

So time has come where we have to exchange our (at least speaking for the west) obsolete view for the benefit of a spiritual innovation. This leads us to realize that all of the historical images of GOD find their response in this new view. Monotheism is justified only if we consider it to be impersonal. If this is achieved we arrive at a universal trinity, at a deity being everything and holding everything, but still not being the final reality, because the latter we cannot perceive with our human abilities. Pantheism is as justified as polytheism – both in relative as in absolute aspects. The final and utmost reality – the Eternal and the Nonperceivable – cannot be reduced to human dimensions or human consciousness.

The scientifically updated view of GOD therefore has to correspond first of all to the scientific view of the world and must be based on spiritual principles. Owing to the fact that it is impossible to approach strictly intellectual people or even the masses with the Highest Knowledge, it is necessary to create a view of the Universe which is acceptable to everybody. Therefore, a new, universal  term has to be found reflecting the true trinity, but not in form of three personalities, but in form of the three cosmic principles revealed to us:

For this reason, Leobrand looked for a new term comprising an all-embracing, always present, everlasting, impersonal deity. The new term defined by him is:


This term is composed of three parts, namely

Unitas = meaning unity (from Latin),

Veritas = meaning truth (from Latin) and

Logos = meaning sense or wisdom (from Greek).


UNIVERALO as a symbol of the ever-lasting trinity revealed to us embraces all living structures in the universe, involution and evolution and the eternal rhythm of the cosmic day and night periods (Manvantara and Pralaya). UNIVERALO, therefore, is a symbol for the one life, the eternal, always present one, without an absolute ending, but re-appearing periodically in regular intervals. All of life is created by this absolute consciousness, by the reality existing from itself, by the great breath of the Universe, by  the eternal, never ending motion. This universal motion is eternal and never ceasing. All motion between the cosms, however, or any motion submitted to its perception is finite and periodical.

Parabrahman (UNIVERALO) is the absolute and therefore the only real and imperishable reality which does exist without any second reality, it is the absolute unity, the absolute, unlimited and allcomprising Universe in its spiritual sense which is undescribable. Brahman – on the other hand – is the never changing, pure, free and undestructible primary and highest root, the true existence, to be realized as the spirit of creative fire (not the fire itself) which becomes Brahma, i.e. the Creator who has to be understood not only as Father, but also as Mother.

Parabrahman – that which is beyond Brahman – is equivalent with the collective omni-mover of the Universe in its infinity and eternity, it is ”SAT” or the Universe not revealed to us. There is only this one Absolute, not two of them, only this one unlimited something and not two! Since this Universe has to be seen as unlimited unity, this timeless existence cannot be a creative personality at the same time.

What people of today need desparately, is a generally elevated view of the world, leading us beyond the limiting terms of a unique almighty Father as personal GOD and unique creator of the entire Universe.

This old, presently still existing view is totally obsolete and even must be considered as relicts of a long forgotten past – at the same time causing many reasons which prevented an absolutely needed WORLD PEACE, in the past until today.

Therefore, what we need is a generally comprehensible and acceptable definition for all higher eternal forces and energies in the Universe which I would like to summarize under the terminus ”UNIVERALO”.

Mystic symbol:  Eye of God

Spirit on its way of involution into matter, and back to the highest point of evolution, the impersonal and omni present eye of God

Modern symbol: Eye of God

Eye of God, starting motion


New Symbol of  UNIVERALO



This view of the UNIVERSE brings about a synthesis of monotheism, pantheism and polytheism.

UNIVERALO is the metaphysical symbol of the ONE ABSOLUTE REALITY which we – with our llimited consciousness – have to perceive as theological trinity in three principles – namely as Holy Spirit (the entry gate to life), and as female and male life principle or energy.

Of course, there are still other versions of this trinity such as spirit, energy and matter or the triade in the human constitution of manas, budhi and atma.



Summing up my statements we have to consider that ”Spirit-Matter" is a bipolar reality as mentioned in Mr. Augustat’s speech, which means it consist of both aspects: spirit and matter!

The chart is meant to make this view clearer. It shows the eternal cycle (transformation, direction, steps, hierarchy). On the spiritual side also ”individual” deities (logoi) are developing: within the law of evolution ascending from one step to the next.

However, all fields of energy remain a revelation of the eternal, infinite and unlimited unity which was named ”UNIVERALO” in my short overview. Since the term UNIVERALO is at the same time a synonym for the term UNIVERSE (everything), natural scientists as well as theologists can find a synthesis on this basis enabling them to cooperate for the benefit of developing the consciousness and knowledge of mankind together to finally arrive at WORLD PEACE!

* * *

(Elements of this lecture are based on the life-work of

Leobrand, Austria, 1915-1968, natural scientist and philosopher)