An exceptional event is ahead of us!

For our active chain of PEACE through CULTURE: International (centralized in Astana/Kazakhstan), PEACE through CULTURE Europe (centralized in Linz/Peace City-Austria) and PEACE through CULTURE Russia (located in Moscow) we are in the process of getting a unique chance for the broadening of our possibilities and the realization of our common targets ( – as the international movement on ethical grounds – will become co-founders and members of the International EURASIAN PEOPLES’ ASSEMBLY! The founding event of this initiative will be on May 27/28, 2017 in Moscow during the


Up to 1500 participants and delegates from about 90 countries (from Asia, Europe and the Russian Federation) are being expected – including those countries having a national Peoples’ Assembly already in their constitution and who have successfully made use of this social and peaceful initiative in the past.

This new extended possibility – which received its main impact from the Russian Peoples’ Assembly, in existence since 1998 – is a non-political, independent social institution based on “diplomacy through the peoples”, looking for dialogue among ethnic groups and minorities (based on friendship, peace, confidence, friendly neighbourhood etc.) which is useful in cases of conflict to function as dialogue platform and advisory board towards the government where required. The idea is widely welcomed and supported by the Presidents of both the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

The communication within the EURASIAN PEOPLES’ ASSEMBLY so far is limited to Russian and English, at the time being! Therefore, all announcements in their website:  are available in these two languages: the programme, structure, workshops, topical platforms etc.

We do recommend to get familiar with this extraordinary and promising initiative and to keep in mind the outcome of the 1st Congress of the EURASIAN PEOPLES’ ASSEMBLY and its activities in the near future.

W. Augustat – President
PEACE through CULTURE Europe