Announcement: "WORLD FORUM of SPIRITUAL CULTURE" in Astana, October 2011

Regarding the chaotic situation on almost all levels and in nearly all structures of the socio-political and cultural life and the increasing tensions and conflicts, which accompany us since two centuries with constant dismay, it is high time to set a milestone on an international and spiritual-cultural level for world peace and therefore to serve the fundamental well-being of all humans worldwide.

Future-oriented politics longs for the hands offered for collaboration by spiritual culture. Due to the essential structural work in Kazakhstan since 1991, all indications look very fortunate for this to manifest.

* * *

In 2010 about 1000 participants from more than 70 states met in Astana on the occasion of the 1st World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC). They all agreed on the fact that salvation as well the peaceful future of mankind lies only within a global and spiritual level of thinking (noosphere). This means that the highest targets, which definitely should contribute to the common good of humanity, must be mentally (cultural) as well as in concrete terms (political) conceptualized, formulated and further on implemented on a political level.

In 2011, 18th and 19th of October, the International Organizing Committee of the WFSC has scheduled a meeting to propose specific and concrete measures to the cultural-political world community for implementation.

Regarding this international and intercultural working conference the International Association PEACE through CULTURE has submitted a proposal to the government of Kazakhstanand requests the following core initiatives:

  1. The immediate establishment of an international and intercultural Institute for World Peace located in Astana!
  2. The immediate establishment of an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary Social-Ideological Science Forumbased in Astana!

    The forum should be staffed with the best social and cultural scientists of our planet. Their task is the development of a social ideology embracing all social areas of our planet in and from a consistent and unified perspective. Only based on that, there can be the establishment of a world-structure of order, a relative world justice system aligned with a world-legislation.

    This idealistic-cultural and -ethical conception of guidance, which has to be elaborated under consideration of equivalence and equal rights of all human beings, should provide a social-ideological framework for politics and world economy as basic guideline and implementation assistance. Such ideological-ETHICAL structures are absolutely necessary and imperative for a political and economical world-order: as “3rd way”.
  3. The immediate establishment of a World Culture Council located in Astana! This institution is to be understood as an inspirational world council supplementing and complementing world politics from a spiritual-cultural perspective and influencing global political actions in a formative way. Later on – emerging from this council - could follow the initiation of a World Ethical Council.

* * *

Note: The government respectively the State of Kazakhstan has the necessary financial and material means for the realization of these requests. The organizing committee of the WFSC can support the layout, development and guidance for the implementation. The cultural metropolis Astana is – from a geo-cultural point of view - the ideal place of residence for these institutions, which are existential for mankind and the future of our planet!

* * *

Our appeal to our readers, friends and promoters:

Support these proposals in the sense and understanding that there, without the realization of these, mankind representing institutions of community, will be no progress in the domain of world peace and within the development of a social-political “world-peace-harmony”. The new millennium calls for, even demands for these facilities – the international collaboration must be extended in an intercultural manner.

* * *

You can find this appeal of the International Association PEACE through CULTURE also in the German and Russian section of this website and among other things on the website of the WFSC: