ASTANA - Establishment of the International World-Peace Institute (AIWPI)?

Proposal to the organizing committee of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, October 18th/19th 2011 in Astana

The "WORLD FORUM OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE" (WFSC) initiated in Astana in October 2010 sees itself as an inspiration help, an active intercultural community, an initiator of cooperation for the promotion and formation of a synthesis of politics, science, culture and society.

Das Präsidium beim Weltforum 2010 in ASTANAThe Organizing Committee of the WFSC therefore seeks the initiation of a dynamic global process on a spiritual, cultural and social level with the target to have LEADERS from politics, culture, religion, science, society, economy of all countries worldwide identify with the ideas and concepts represented by the WFSC, so that a common approach can be developed to achieve the determined goals!

Appropriate proposals are therefore included in this paper below.

⇒ Photo: the chair of the WORLD FORUM 2010 in ASTANA


Presented by the International Executive Committee of PEACE through CULTURE International, W. Augustat

The Republicof Kazakhstan - since its founding in 1991 - has made greatest efforts in a highly unusual quality to successfully stabilize and harmonize all sectors of society.


The Organizing Committee of the WFSC shall therefore be acting in cooperation with qualified leading representatives from the spiritual-cultural level to ensure that the following VISION with practical suggestions will be introduced and explained to leaders and managers in politics and culture:

The primary goal of world peace must be the basis in all political and cultural actions! This heartfelt wish of mankind, which reflects the true spiritual culture of the individual, should be met through the initiation of an international, intercultural "WORLD PEACE INSTITUTE", to be based in Astana / Kazakhstan! The ethical principles of non-violence, justice, spiritual unity in diversity and the voluntary nature in all decisions on the political level must be part of the statutes of this institution.


In a parallel action to this international peace initiative of the WFSC it is essential to start shaping a future ETHICAL WORLD COUNCIL with the following initial steps:

  • Development of a SOCIAL CONCEPT based on ethical principles, offering to the various sectors of society a framework and policy guidelines, taking into account basic equality and equal rights – a kind of social SYNTHESIS ("ideology") derived from some proven pragmatic structures of "Capitalism" and of "Communism" (state socialism)! This 3rd Way must give full protection to all topics belonging to the biological health of our planetary life, i.e. it must take into account the biological unity of our planet.
  • This is the special field for social and economic scientists. Therefore, the political leadership should by all means ensure the development of such a concept with all potential available.
  • The initiation of a WORLD CULTURAL COUNCIL representing at its core both the religious and the philosophical as well as ideological communities including all dissenters.


In view of the importance of spiritual culture for all areas of national and global well-being the Org. Committee of the WFSC, therefore, supports the following...

Application to the Government of Kazakhstan:

I) to actively get engaged in this project using the governmental potential for the stepwise realization of these goals of humanity. An autonomous state secretariat with its own state budget, a dedicated staff and a defined area of responsibility under the leadership of Senator Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov would be required for the practical implementation! The WFSC-Org-Committee should take over an assisting and strongly supporting function in the field of politics and culture within this body.

II) Simultaneously, the Kazakh government is kindly requested to consider appropriate resources and budgets for the proposal outlined in this paper to allow for intercultural and international institutions to be established and to support these initiatives from the political and diplomatic side. The growing process of union-building of peoples and cultures is in urgent need of spiritual and cultural-ethnic backing – a process requiring fixed budget resources from all countries involved in the unification process. The Culture Department (Cultural Attaché) should therefore fully support each Embassy of Kazakhstan in cooperation with the WFSC including all initiatives for the cultural process of spiritual-ethical dialogues among peoples.

In addition, the Organizing Committee of the WFSC, based in Astana, agrees to establish a global network organization for spiritual culture in collaboration with the various ministries of Kazakhstan. By this measure, a close cooperation between politics and culture would be guaranteed.