Building the Focus

Lecture held on the occasion of the "International Conference of the World Forum of Spiritual Cultural"

Spiritual Culture – the key to the Transformation of the World
 Astana/Kazakhstan - October 17th -19th, 2011
 by Gundi Liehr

 1st Vice President of the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE"


Declaration of WFSC 2010

PTC Proposal to Org. Committee 2011


The process of awareness of Spiritual Culture as a decisive factor for human evolution has moved a significant step ahead since last year’s WORLD FORUM – somehow pushed by the world events such as the continued global financial crises, increased nuclear pollution, uprising NORTHERN  AFRICAN States, devastating famine in Eastern  Africa and ongoing wars! The wake-up period for humankind cannot be prolonged any more in view of the ever increasing „impossibilities“ – we have to make use of our possibilities instead and they are numerous.

Based on the nucleus of last year’s reports and the final declaration we are here now to continue what was wholeheartedly started and to prepare the realistic steps into the practical transformation of all those positive ideas.

To begin with I would like to express full support of the proposal handed in to the Org. Committee for possible presentation to the government where steps are defined how to go about the realization in conjunction with leaders from politics, culture, religion, sciences, societal fields, economy to come up with a common concept for this goal of human kind in face of the threatening conditions men have mostly produced themselves in their civilizatoric conceitedness.  

I would like to repeat the key targets which are explained in greater detail in the afore mentioned proposal for the benefit of a better understanding and to build an energy focus on this subject: The proposal contains the following requirements as practical issue which need to be put into practice here in Kazakhstan in the first place, but also by other countries that are prepared to take charge of these priorities courageously without further delay. The foremost targets are

  • The Founding of an international intercultural WORLD-PEACE INSTITUTE
  • Preparation of an Ethical World Council with targets to be defined in cooperation with all levels of responsibility
  • For this aim a social concept must be conceived beforehand, reflecting a synthesis of experience gathered from different ideologies, offering a so-called 3rd way under fullest consideration of the planet’s healthy condition and its biological unity.
  • Initiation of a World Cultural Council representing all religions of our globe and all philosophical world views including all those major groups with different spiritual fundaments.

Prerequisite for the above initiatives:

The establishment of an independent State Secretariat with sufficient financial support by the Kazakh government and a sufficiently large and qualified staff with defined tasks and responsibilities – under the leadership of Senator Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov – would be the first practical step in this direction – within this body the WFSC Org. Committee should take an active cooperative role and supporting function in the area of politics and culture.

At the same time the Kazakh government is requested in this proposal to help prepare the formation of the World institutions mentioned here, by financial budgets, but more importantly to promote these initiating ideas by all political and diplomatic force.

We have gathered here to make steps and to prepare our common future – the future of a united mankind – based on the insight that SPIRITUAL CULTURE is what will unite us and not the products achieved by our advanced civilization – no matter how attractive they might be.

We are fully responsible for the state of our planet which we hand over to the generations to come – to our children and grandchildren and beyond! Let us become aware of this serious situation and make changes to the better NOW! Spiritual Culture is our means for this  practical momentum, building the foundation for the significant practical steps ahead of us!

Despite the conditions to be observed on a worldwide basis – which may seem to be hopeless in many ways – a pessimistic attitude is not justified, since we all know what little it takes for a global impact – in the negative, but also in the positive direction. Therefore, let us build on the fact that it is the same kind of impact however small it might be, that can change the world to the better as long as we unite in the common understanding of our targets for the benefit of mankind. For a strong united effort, the neighbouring states of the Kazakh Republic – the Russian Federation and China and others – should maybe approached with these ideas at this stage already so that the focus could be built on a wider platform from the very beginning.