Ethics – the Basis for a New World

Lecture held on the occasion of the "International Conference of the World Forum of Spiritual Cultural"

Spiritual Culture – the key to the Transformation of the World
 Astana/Kazakhstan - October 17th -19th, 2011
 by Erich Fankhauser, Switzerland

President – Int. Association "PEACE through CULTURE" - Switzerland


The Earth is sick! Humanity is cutting on the branch on which it is living! Because of its weakness it is destroying its own foundations – for the reason of ignorance, helplessness, contempt, fear, hatred, greediness, ruthlessness and many others. The most important laws of life are ignored, despised and treated with the feet, due to desire for authority and influence as well as lack of knowledge! Today, there is a worldwide condition of misinformation and pretended peace. This fact is increasing the moral decay of humanity and – through this wrong support by the media – the future progress will be delayed enormously, or even be stopped. Therefore, human misery and depression will continuously increase...

An escape from this disaster and the restructure of a NEW WORLD with better peoples will only be possible if the social foundations will be based on SPIRITUAL CULTURE, supported by the PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS, which have to be brought into life, with all possible consequences! To create a New Worldbased on a wide spread COMMON HARMONY, there has to be an extensive ethically based comprehension of wisdom and action! Ethically based laws originate from the Cosmos, respectively from Nature; therefore they are valid for both, for the planet earth and mankind, because they both are part of the Cosmos. The most important characteristic of future leaders is a perfect knowledge of the universal laws. The responsible persons have to deal with those scientifically-based laws constantly and have to teach them in schools.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum (WFSC) shall therefore be acting as mentioned in the proposal of the International Association “PEACE through CULTURE”, handed over to the Forum Organizing Committee Workshop – respectively, according to the script presented by Willy Augustat:

  1. With first priority, the initiation of an international intercultural WORLD PEACE INSTITUTE, to be based in Astana/Kazakhstan! – and, in a parallel action to this, …
  2. … start shaping a future ETHICAL WORLD COUNCIL with all factors mentioned in the proposal – as well as …
  3. … support by the Government of Kazakhstan of the application with the steps brought up therein,– and, in addition …
  4. … establishing a global network organization for SPIRITUAL CULTURE to guarantee a close corporation between politics and CULTURE.

On behalf of the national association “PEACE through CULTURE”-Switzerland and herewith emphasised that we fully support the proposal of the International Association “PEACE through CULTURE” and we are ready to help with all our abilities and opportunities, where ever it is appropriate, to reach the target of WORLD PEACE.

Let us remember: The responsible persons have to deal with the Cosmic Laws constantly and they have to secure that these laws are realised actively in life!

May PEACE prevail on earth!