President Putin awarded the President of the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE"

19.05.2015 • The Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Tolegen Mukhamedzanov, President of the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE", with the state decoration "Order of Friedship" for his outstanding contribution in strengthening the friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation, especially for his work for the development of economic and cultural ties between Russia and Kazakhstan on May 7th, 2015.

The "Order of Friendship" is awarded to Russian and foreign nationals for special merit in strengthening peace, friendship, cooperation and understanding between nations, for fruitful work on the convergence and mutual enrichment of cultures of nations and peoples; for the active conservation, development and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of Russia; for great contribution to the implementation of joint ventures with the Russian Federation, major economic projects and attracting investments into the economy of the Russian Federation; for broad charitable activities.


In reference to the great and extraordinary award, which has been given
to the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE" - represented 
by our president Tolegen M. Muhamedzhanov - we congratulate you, dear 
friends in Moscow and also all co-workers and supporters in Russia, Ukraine
and other countries! You - under our founder and his followers - Prof. 
Valentin M. Siderov, Prof. Dr. Rostislav B. Rybakov and then Prof. 
Tolegen Muhamedzhanov - did really a beautiful job! Thank you to 
all of them! We also include the pionieers in the time of initiation -
especially the vice presidents Vesselitzky, Eduard Balashow, Michael 
Bachantsow, Awasty from India - and also todays president of the Int. 
Association Prof. Tolegen Muhamedzhanov who has been also a very active 
and a dynamic pionieer from the first moment on!

We are very happy and proud, that the president of RUSSIA noted and
honored our idealistic work - which has been invested by many hearts
and hands from all over our planet! Also many thanks to the 
PEACE-representatives and many others around our Planet!

Our 'fight' - with non-violent 'weapons' - to convince worldleaders as well
as all ethical thinking people on our planet that a ever-lasting PEACE can 
only be made and arranged on the level of SPIRITUAL CULTURE - ETHICS on 
the fundament of spiritual 'Unity in Diversity' and 'Diversity in 
spiritual-ethical UNITY'!

Therefore, we ALL should be proud that the highest representative of
RUSSIA - Mr. V. Putin - noted our common investment as engagement for a
better, peaceful and violence-free future! Let us proceed on these
fundaments - even more and better...!

Thank you - and JOY to ALL of YOU - WHO are - and have been - and 
will directly as well as indirectly be involved in ALL we did!

Your coworker

President PtC-Europe
1. Vice President under Prof. Valentin M. Siderow in Moscow