Report of the "Int. practical Conference 2011"

Report on the occasion of the celebration on October 18th, 2011
at the “International practical conference of the Organizing Committee of the WFSC”

W. Augustat

⇒ Photo: chair of the Org.-Committee of the WFSC, Oct. 2011

12.08.2011 •  Astana World Forum 2010 in retrospect

The unique experiment with more than 700 participants from about 75 states set up in Astana in October 2010 where various institutions and like-minded people gathered under the banner of active “spirituality“, aroused great enthusiasm on all continents! As a result, everyone is greatly encouraged to do something new, to search for better ways and take the next step towards the vision of social harmony into reality, man’s main objective in life – on the basis of spiritual-ethical and socio-scientific principles – as these affect all of humanity. As a matter of fact, it is this practical implementation that politicians expect. The role of “spiritual culture”, among others, is to act as a source of inspiration and to support politics with constructive ideas. The lack of a worldwide, spiritual vision of community and of the objectives connected with this value has led to today’s problemsand the “division” of humanity.


Astana Conference in October 18th, 2011

Photo: Astana, Oct. 2011 – International Practical Conference of the  Org.-Committee in preparation of the II. "WORLD FORUM of SPIRITUAL CULTURE" in 2013
Bawa Jain, secretary-general of the UN section "World Council of Religious Leaders" and Wilhelm Augustat, president of the Int. Association "PEACE through CULTURE" ...obviously delighted by heavenly signs...

As can be seen from the Astana-Website (in English, Kazakh, Russian), the resolution, drafted by the Forum, calls for the following:“It is time to change over from correct, clear, mobilizing words to real, particular actions, to unity through cooperation and culture…”!

Even though many delegates still formulated their ideas on a rather abstract level, all participants in the Conference widely recognized the LONG-TERM-OBJECTIVES suggested by the International Association “Peace through Culture”; fortunately, everyone reacted positively to these pragmatic initiatives (practical issues) that POLITICS so urgently need! The main elements of this proposal were the following:


I) Initiation of an international, intercultural Astana WORLD-PEACE INSTITUTE, dedicating itself to the promotion of humanity’s heartfelt wish for peace by developing the corresponding conceptions…

II) Initiation of an Astana WORLD COUNCIL for ETHICS, whose primary task would be to develop a SOCIAL IDEOLOGY (concept), based on ethical principles and JUSTICE, on cultural, proper social, scientific and financial foundations, in order to analyse the current contradictions and finally formulate the common necessities to reconcile these contrarieties.

III) Initiation of a Astana WORLD COUNCIL of CULTURE,representing at its core both the RELIGIOUS and the PHILOSOPHICAL as well as IDEOLOGICAL COMMUNITIES including all dissenters – as one voice of the world, to be heard on all decisions regarding “war and/or peace” subjects.

The members of the Organizing Committee kindly acknowledged this proposal! Now only time will tell whether and to what extent, in a next step, these proposals will be adopted and implemented by some politicians. We believe that especially the Central-Asian region – Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Singapore – and also the Arabic states could be interested to become the host, sponsor and organizer of such highly significant projects for humanity (of the central institutions mentioned here).

Already prior to the International practical conference held in October, Kazakhstan’s basic attitude was particularly positive, since this proposal was posted on the WFSC-Website already in September …

Whether or not and to what extent the „West“ is interested in establishing such objectives or even in a cooperation with others – only time can tell.

The delegation of the int. Association “Peace through Culture” included around 20 members from Europe and Russia – among them also the head of the Organizing-Committee and Russian folk artist Josif Kobson as well as the renowned nuclear physicist, Prof. Hans-Peter Duerr, who obviously identifies with the events in Astana.

The spiritual homogeneity, the exemplary attitude of our own team were an additional contribution to make new friends from all over the world (China, Iran, India, Israel, USA, Turkey, Argentina and others)…

* * *


Photo: Astana, Oct., 2011 – International Practical Conference of the  Org.-Committee  in the pyramid, view from the top of the pyramid to the "round table" with about 150 attendees  from 35 states...

Master plan and focus: our future-oriented conceptions and proposals finally serve to initiate a spiritual world community!Based on the painful experiences of the past, it should now be clear to everyone that WORLD PEACE does NOT grow on trees! A great amount of cultural work has to prepare the grounds for this high target! And POLITICS can only implement those objectives in practice when people and humanity are willing and able to accomplish the necessary tasks connected to this process!

Our long-term-objectives: achieving and sustaining a stable STATE of WORLD PEACE – therefore it is necessary: to establish the scientific and organizational basis for a global social WORLD-HARMONY!

The prerequisite for this step: development of an IDEOLOGY for SOCIAL WORLD-justice, based on social-sciences – a system to harmonize the current social conflicts (injustices, wars)… and many more!Therefore we have to develop a joint MASTERPLAN consisting of concrete, measurable targets, defining the effective and realistic steps to be initiated within a reasonable time schedule!