The significance of the female Principle and the Principle of Cooperation for World-Peace

Lecture held on the occasion of the "International Conference of the World Forum of Spiritual Cultural"

Spiritual Culture – the key to the Transformation of the World
 Astana/Kazakhstan - October 17th -19th, 2011
 by Dorothee Frey-Burghardt, Germany

2nd Vice-President – Int. Association "PEACE through CULTURE"


The Female Principle: the one to suffer most

It is the woman – always, everywhere and especially today in times of worldwide unrest – who suffers most because of wars and warlike situations, as these are the hindrances to realize the most important cosmic duty and task of women and mothers: to give on life, to maintain the chain of life. SHE, the heart of the family and therefore actually the heart of a state, because families must be considered as cells of a state-organism, SHE, the first teacher of her children, SHE, example and mediator of ethical, spiritual-cultural guidelines: the female principle, we women cannot fulfil the mentioned tasks due to the lack of a safe and protected environment. War is the most terrible, ugliest expression of human free will.

The Female Principle: Predetermined for World peace

Together with the support of the male principle, the specific abilities of women, her spiritual potentials, her intuition, her sensibility concerning Ethics and Spiritual Culture are basic prerequisites to play an essential role for giving birth to a universal world peace - and to accompany this process in an inspiring, attentive, supporting, responsible and enthusiastic way! In this sense and in the sense of a SYNTHESIS we women are ready for active, striving and joyful cooperation! The female principle will stabilize peace because of its refined perceptive faculty, its sensitive feeling for emergence of dissonances and will react correctively at the very first signs of such processes. We all have to be aware that peace never is a static condition, but a constant peaceful struggle for common denominators, for evolutive increase of spirituality, for understanding and implementation of ethical, spiritual-cultural, of Cosmic Natural Laws!

Establishment of an International World-Peace Institute: of utmost Importance

Therefore the initiation and establishment of a International World-Peace Institute is of utmost importance! The best of the best must cooperate to create and secure a global-peaceful environment, based on ETHICS. Only this will help us women to fulfil our duty in reference to support the striving of humankind towards harmony, towards beauty in thinking and acting, education of the heart, development of character, for common good and community, for spiritual-cultural education. This is the way to reach our common goal of evolution of spirituality. A New and better world can only be built under the roof, under the shelter of PEACE!

World-Peace Institute: Nucleus for Cooperation for the best

The age of ego(t)isms inevitably comes to an end in order to make room for the AGE OF COMMUNITY and COOPERATION! Today, one can already recognize a general and strong tendency for cooperation in many areas. This process urgently needs the preparation of the very best working guidelines as well as an optimal and peaceful home base. Initiation and implementation of a World-Peace Institute - based on Ethics - in Kazakhstan would be a logical, organic and most beautiful continuation of the path and guidelines of Spiritual Concord and Spiritual Culture, followed here over a period of already twenty years! Kazakhstan and its wise leadership promotes and confirms cooperation as a worldwide and shining example, expressed by exceptional hospitality for intercultural, interreligious events, conferences, institutions etc. Furthermore the body of the Peoples’ Assembly representing the manifold Ethnics of Kazakhstan is of unique and outstanding significance.

Cooperation: Source of radiating Joy

Cooperation – on ethical, spiritual-cultural fundaments – leads most effectively and most rapidly to a positive change within all societal areas. Cooperation is more and more confirmed and underpinned by sciences, for instance by quantumphysics. Therefore, a World-Peace Institute would become the nucleus and pilot light for a drastic change, a turn-around to the better and for a positive development for the whole of humanity. Cooperation leads to Peace. Peace is the culmination, the crown of Cooperation!

May I state, not only in the name of women, but also on behalf of all of us – and from the bottom of my heart:

WORLDPEACE must be initiated NOW, and

- in global cooperation -



Please, let us all work together for this precious goal!