Spiritual Culture and Cosmic Order

Lecture held on the occasion of the "International Conference of the World Forum of Spiritual Cultural"

Spiritual Culture – the key to the Transformation of the World
 Astana/Kazakhstan - October 17th -19th, 2011
 by Klaus-Dieter Buck, Germany

 International Association "PEACE through CULTURE", Scientist: Astronomy-Astrology


In order to bring about a change of the conditions in this world for the better, it is important for mankind to develop the spiritual and cultural foundation on an ethical base to which all states, peoples, ethnics, religions and world views, including the large number of so-called atheists can agree.

These spiritual and cultural foundations have to be in accordance with the cosmic order and be oriented along the universal laws of nature and order, as it was the case with the early high cultures. They all had a  holistic approach and understood themselves embedded in the great universal and cosmic life, as part of the world, as a microcosmos within the macrocosmos. Peace, harmony, health, joy and wellbeing were ensured in these ancient cultures due to the knowledge of these ethical laws of order.

The old geocentric model of the universe, which is based on the wrong and obsolete belief of the earth - and even mankind – to be the centre of the universe, has led to the situation where the logical knowledge about the universal laws of nature more and more disappeared.

But regardless of whether people pay respect to the universal laws of nature or not – these laws are non-negotiable. It is more than obvious that by ignoring these laws over decades and centuries a worldwide chaos has developed and the world is heading towards explosion with all these problems.

In order to stop the worldwide chaos and to improve the devastating conditions, ways of „re-integration“ of humanity in the cosmic order have to be found. People have to develop into human beings of culture (rather than of pure civilisation). Therefore it is indispensable to study the universal laws of nature, to follow and respect them.

But what can we do on a practicallevel to be in harmony with nature again, to live in accordance with the cosmic order, to re-integrate the human beings into this unity as was the case in all high cultures of all races and people, and thus improve the living conditions on our planet? Before one can follow the cosmic laws of order resp. the cosmic foundations of life, one has to question and study these principles first. In the future blind dogmatic belief alone will no longer suffice to motivate mankind to integrate into higher cosmic areas in a way to live a meaningful life, and thus improves the quality of life.

In the new age knowledgeis a basic requirement. This is why it is necessary to teach mankind the spiritual cosmic laws on a scientific level. To make this possible it is important to found scientific institutes for the research of the cosmic laws. In these institutes the cosmic interdependencies and the cosmic-evolutive requirements for mankind must be recognized on a scientific basis.

How should these institutes be structured?

Representatives of these institutes must have a thorough intercultural, interreligious background and must offer highest quality in character and knowledge. The best representatives from all continents, races and peoples, from all religions including the large group of the so-called „atheists“ (materialists) should form part of them as well as representatives of all social areas, of culture (science, religion, philosophy), of politics, of economy, of social sciences, and many more. In any case also cosmologists, which means astronomers, astrophysics and astrologers, of all important branches should be integrated in these institutes. As a prerequisite all members should be absolutely willing to cooperate, unbiased, unprejudiced, unconditional and striving for synthesis.