I. "World Forum of Spiritual Culture“ in Astana, 18th - 20th October, 2010

Short overview

It is a great pleasure for us to give our readers, friends and employees information and report on this important and globally unique event, as well as the speeches by members and employees of "Peace through Culture“ - International and the International Ethic Society "World Spiral" Linz. It is very pleasant and remarkable that most of the articles for the "new age", which is under the sign of spirituality or spiritual culture, are from the mentioned groups! Probably Astana offers for this purpose a brilliant and dignified frame as well as the attendees from more than 70 states!

Annual "People's Assembly" for the National Day of Culture

A special happening in 1995 is to be mentioned here: the multi-ethnic state Kazakhstan installed for its 140 different ethnic groups a plenum of their own, which is based on state law, following the principle of the round table. This plenum convenes annually to hold a sort of general assembly of representatives. The President and the government are bound to report to the plenum about their actions and decisions. This plenum also has certain rights and privileges that can influence political decrees. On the occasion of the 15th jubilee of this „People’s Assembly“ in Astana, October 18th, 2010, selected guests, one for each country picked from the list of the conference members, were invited to attend this annual event.

A diverse and rich cultural programme, that took place every evening, framed the whole conference in a very appropriate and elegant way. 

Final declaration

It was not an easy assignment to retrieve a more or less official final declaration from the forum, which consisted of members from almost every part of the planet including several Maoris from New Zealand.

"Peace through Culture" international would like to express our gratitude for the spiritual and pragmatic support of our principles and actions, which nowadays find response on every continent. Our collaboration brings forward the creation and development of a spiritual understanding of cosmopolitanism in a so far unknown form. An increasing number of cultural associations and societies worldwide follow this trend of spiritually, perceiving the world peace through culture.

The heart’s desire - "to let light and knowledge reign" -, was in many ways satisfied by numerous impulses, encounters and trans-cultural efforts to form a community. The rising spiritual source of light on the horizon takes more and more shape and gains impressions, in which one can clearly recognize the worldwide acceptance and acknowledgement of the ethic ideas and the social concepts that go hand in hand with them.

Therefore we wish joy to all of you…

(editorial team)