Emotions and Desires in World Politics

06.08.2012 • It is most obvious for everybody observing the media spectacle that they are more and more using one voice in order to prepare and give rise to the great war planned by Israel, the USA and the EU/NATO/UN, on the one hand – and the rest of the world, on the other. Initial steps in this direction have already been taken in the African-Arabic regions and others will follow shortly. From this point of view, the year 2012 will also develop into a special period! Cosmic impacts are causing great affects to the earthly events, to the individuals and peoples which may result in an increase of negative tensions already existing in many levels.

Learned astronomers and astrologists (who used to be High Priests in ancient times) have observed cosmic constellations over millennia and documented many details and relations between the increase of sunspots and the rise of wars (the grounds for which had long been caused by the human beings – just as today).

The unrest is clearly programmed – and in parallel development with the Western finance and economy crisis. And the media are helping to define the “guilty”: which could be North Korea, Iran, but also China or Russia – not subjecting to the UN Security Council (which is working in the special interest of a few).

It is worth mentioning that in this conflict we learn about some distinct and even aggressive voices: by the “Peace Nobel Prize Winner” Barrack Obama and, by surprise, by Michael Gorbatchov: The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” of March 2012 reported Gorbatchov’s emotions in his desire directed towards Putin: “Damn you!” Henry Kissinger, former foreign minister and one of the most significant advisors of the US President, already back in November 2011 uttered:

„The USA are in the process of smacking China and Russia. The last nail for their coffin will be Iran – the main target of Israel. We have given China the possibility to strengthen their military force and have allowed Russia to recover from their sovietization and thus provoked this arrogance. All in all this will only speed up their decline. The war ahead will lead to the situation where only one superpower will remain – and this will be us: the USA and Israel. This is the reason why Europe is hurrying to become a complete superstate, since they are aware what is up and how they can survive. Europe must become one complete State … Oh, how I have longed for this “wonderful” moment …”    (source: www.dailysquib.co.uk; 27.11.2011)

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