Speculations – intrigues – power games in grey areas around the International Roerich Center (IRC) in Moscow, holding the Roerich heritage worth billions of US Dollars

Email addressed to the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – requesting him to nationalize the IRC and the Roerich values!    >>

The reason for this letter to the Russian President – explanation of the background events!

24.01.2014 • The letter addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is dealing with the “Roerich heritage” – which is the oeuvre of the entire Roerich family! In 1989/90 the youngest Roerich son, Svetoslav, entrusted the Roerich heritage to the then-President of the USSR, Michail S. Gorbachov, as a present to the Russian people and his homeland. The secular heritage at that time was in India where Svetoslav, having lost his eye-sight gradually, deceased in 1993 at the age of 89.

After 1990 and in the course of the political disintegration of the former Soviet Union, years of utterly chaotic circumstances followed – a period when billions were stolen from the Russian national wealth in cooperation with Western partners. The Roerich heritage, too, was part of this unfortunate destabilization and intrigues – including the circle around Svetoslav N. Roerich.

A number of court procedures followed the death of Svetoslav and the entire heritage went to a private NGO, called International Roerich Center, located in Moscow. At this point we should remember that the Roerich Heritage had been accepted by Michail Gorbachov from Svetoslav Roerich as National Cultural Value of Russia!

The present up-to-date status as of January 2014: since about 20 years, the IRC, according to their own statement, has been cooperating with a private Bank in Moscow – being founded at about the same time as the IRC – named MASTER Bank! Whoever stands behind this bank – it was used as main sponsor for the Roerich Museum and the IRC! In November 2013 the Russian authorities stopped the activities of the MASTER Bank all of a sudden and closed the bank down in an overnight action – due to money laundering, black funds, non-transparent money transactions and so forth, according to press reports. (there are numerous descriptions of this scandalous affair in the internet).

By this official intervention the IRC lost its main sponsor with immediate effect.

(It is not known to us why the MASTER Bank supported the IRC – the Roerich Museum and heritage – to such an extent of billions….).

In conjunction with the events described above, the IRC is now trying to find “Roerich friends” around the world by starting an international campaign. They want others to address and sign an appeal to President Putin to “save the IRC, the Roerich heritage and Museum” with state financials, since the MASTER Bank was accused of severe crimes (it is unknown whether the IRC was involved in these affairs or not)!

We – the International Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe – are totally against such an appeal! On the contrary, we are convinced that this heritage should have been nationalized during the state chaos in the years 1992/93! The Russian Federation should not only prevent any private access to these values of the Roerich family, but should take over the total responsibility for a professional administration and care of the art works with immediate effect, representing an important part of the Russian national ethical basis. Among all states on our globe, Russia is the country with the greatest number of museums – and no doubt, can provide for most excellent administrative structures in this field!

We feel that this our comment and our letter to President Putin belong to our ethical obligations, since Nicholas K. Roerich is – so to say – the spiritual father of our International Association PEACE through CULTURE.

In consequence: if any of you (dear readers) feels the same way about this matter, please also address a similar letter to President Putin asking him to nationalize the Roerich heritage to safeguard this oeuvre for generations to come!

President Putin’s email-address: http://eng.news.kremlin.ru > menu bar > "send a letter". The language can be chosen by you.

We hope that you will also see the significance of the decision to be taken, as we do, since we have been dealing with these subjects since 1980/90 within all Roerich societies, especially in the East.


Wilhelm Augustat, President
International Association
PEACE through CULTURE Europe


Central Office:
c/o Kultur-Gemeinschaften-Service GmbH
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