Planet Earth: our Life Training Ground - our Homeland

02.08.2012 • According to UN reports, 7 billion citizens are present on Earth as per October 2011. It is a known fact that this number will strongly increase during the next few years. Latest surveys show that the greatest birth surplus is to be found in the Arabic-African, Asian and Latin-American regions, whereas the number of “natives” in the European countries is drastically reducing. It seems that – following its cultural and scientific peak during the past century – Europe now has to share more and more of its economic power with some of the new power centers.

We can also observe a trend where the original Germanic and Slavic peoples move together – as much as the growing cooperation of the so-called yellow race with the white population of our planet has become a fact. There is a number of impulses visible from China’s end in this direction, but also from other Asian countries. As soon as Europe or the EU and the USA will realize their dependence on the “rest of the world” (formed in groups of interest such as the Shanghai initiative, the BRICS-group and several others), they should, in consequence, develop a fair cooperation among all groups, instead of splitting their own interest from the others. The possibility of such development seems quite logical looking at the number of inevitable happenings on our planet which force the whole of humanity to safeguard certain living conditions for the next generations – to establish conditions better than at present, worthier living and more peaceful!

Our cultural history was almost free of national borders, since the political and social borders between ethnic groups and different civilizations were defined mostly by administrators and “owners” of the territory in question. However, the political world powers of the last two centuries have installed so called national borders by separating ethnic and cultural groups, originally belonging to each other, and thus by forming ten or more separate states which, in turn, were subjected to foreign power. No doubt, this turned out to be an extreme provocation to all sides and a weakening of the inborn potential, not seldom leading to civil wars. In addition, powers stronger in politics and weapon systems than the original inhabitants of a country claimed territories for their own interest which could never be settled in an economical and reasonable manner for the benefit of the population. Several regions and countries having undergone such process meanwhile found some kind of improved cooperation with their neighbouring states (such as Russia with Kazakhstan and with their neighbour China) so that groups with ethnic and cultural identity are allowed to even settle in geographical areas of the neighbouring state, outside their home territory.

Social processes like the one described above are hard to imagine for European and US citizens due to their own experience in being compelled from their political territory a number of times – mostly with great bloodshed. These facts always led to the necessity to re-write the books of history, to change the national language and alphabet or to relocate entire ethnic groups, many times including their expulsion from their homeland.

Today, the numerous peoples of Africa are in the process of migrating – towards the north! The citizens of the EU would be well advised to see this development with open eyes and NOT to wait for NATO, armament industry or media to stop this logical consequence. They should look for a positive answer to this reality and create systems to make a comfortable acceptance in reasonable conditions possible.

Planet Earth overcrowded?

Apart from the fact that the Christian churches in Europe do not really welcome the growth of religious groups and additional denominations from various cultural territories, generations dating back were already then confronted with anxieties with respect to the statement that planet Earth is facing an overpopulation soonest, since the limits of its nutritional potential will be reached before long.

At the time of the British proclaimer of the approaching planetary overcrowdedness (Thomas R. Malthus, 1766-1834), the world population was just about 1 billion! This number, we all are aware, has multiplied since then and thus many Europeans are still convinced of the menace represented by overpopulation, therefore are supporting birth reduction (though their own people is often threatened with extinction). Contemporaries of this kind, of course, are of the opinion that other civilizations should reduce their birth rate so that the European standard will not be decreased any longer, if not reversed to the even better (“improving” the sick development). The official numbers in Europe (and other territories) prove that a high percentage of food produced is disposed of, thrown away or used for compost, that vegetable is used to produce gasoline etc. and still a limitation in consumption is far from sight – not even mentioning the huge acreage used for the production of alcohol (wine and beer etc.) and for the ever growing meat industry.

Meanwhile quite a large number of scientists have made their own research in the field of agriculture, nutrition and supplies to the population with the result that the call for birth reduction is ridiculous. On the contrary: many diseases of our civilized world (overweight, diabetes, cancer, allergies and other physical and psychic disorders) make obvious what is wrong with the citizens of the welfare states: they lack the awareness and character quality expressed in willpower and discipline to realize the true reasons of the worldwide misery and shortage.


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