Altai, where you reach the Stars with your own Hands...

<< Dr. Alicia Rodríguez, the President of the Banner of Peace International Committee visits Russia.

06.07.2014 • Several weeks have passed since I arrived to my home in Malaga, Espana, but I close my eyes and clearly see the starry sky of the mystic and beautiful Altai, where there are so many stars that YOU FEEL you can reach them with your own hands. It seems as if the time there stands still and remains like hundred years ago.

Everything is so natural... Humble wooden dwellings, sheltering their dwellers lovingly. The untouched nature, flourishing apart of the human complexities. The crystal streams, enchanting with their magic murmur. Like the nature, the people of this region are nice and friendly. You shall fall in love with the Katun River, which takes its strength of the deepest glacier. Everything here speaks of the evident beneficent presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You cannot ignore these vibrations, which are every high. The invisible spiritual Mentors are spreading their arms towards all of us, to make it easier for us to fulfil our tasks.

To be honest, I have never planned visiting Russia this year. However, the decrees of fate were different: it was by magic fortune that I came to Russia this time. One day, soon after I had returned home to Malaga I was browsing my correspondence. One of the letters was sent to me by my friends far in Altai highlands; they cordially invited me to visit them in Uimon valley. The very next letter was exceptional, it ran exactly as following: ”Please call this telephone number, you have a prize”. For curiosity, I rang and they told me that I had some unexpected prize: free plane ticket to Moscow.

For a while, I pondered: should I accept this prize, or should I not? Mentally, I did address this question to Master Mahatma M. Few days later, I felt in my heart that I should go. I recollected my previous visit to Russia, when I was privileged to ascend The Mount Beluxa with the Banner of Peace, to set the Banner upon the summit of this sacred mountain. The simple ceremony carried the benediction as the sign of the unity of all peoples of our planet, disregarding ethnicity, or political credos, or communion. Sending our gratitude to the Higher Worlds, we set the Banner of Peace upon the very top of Beluxa. We left it there as the symbol of the Law of Harmony and the sign of the transformation of energies of the Higher Worlds. These energies in a blessing flow come constantly down upon our planet, to counterpoise the forces of chaos that lacerate our poor Earth.

For those 15 years passed since the visit, I have handed about 650 Banners of Peace all over the world, to representatives of various social, cultural, political, and official organizations. Currently, the Banner of Peace International Committee carries the cultural and educational action ”We Are Building Peace Together”, which involves more than 250 000 participants.

Now the time has come to visit the blessed lands of Altai once more. This time I was able to stay in Uimon valley, where the Roerichs stopped for a while on their expedition’s way to Himalaya. The mystical experience of the place came down upon my friends and myself once more. The spiritual togetherness of our Masters and us made our hearts aflutter as frequent and elated as the Banner of Peace itself, aflare high in the fresh highland winds of Altai. Each piece of gorgeous scenery, which is everywhere in those beautiful lands, was revealing the charisma of the Roerich family. We were able to benefit from the especially wonderful aurulent and emeraldine hues, very picturesque along the riverside of Katun and by the forelands of the Mount Beluxa.

In the environment of the magic nature, which was pervading our souls with the most enchanting pacification, I had several talks with the people of the Roerich Museum of Saint-Petersburg. I told them of my twenty years’ work, how I have expanded the Roerich’s ideas all over the planet and why I have devoted my life to the Banner of Peace and to Nicholas Roerich. I believed that the discourse made us achieve that kind of spiritual harmony that will definitely redound to our further association.
As the dark came, we set ourselves round the big fire. The group of local singers, dressed all in national garb, gave us a splendid piece of musical performance. Entranced with these wonderful melodies, we got to our legs and started dancing. These songs by the fire, these nice people, and this starry night will remain imprinted deep in my heart forever.

In the Chendek village, I met some other people of many other parts of Rusia; they had taken part in the Roerich conference held in Biysk. I hope I am going to meet them once more at the conference in Saint Petersburg. This conference will be held next October, the 6th, at the University, and will be devoted to the 70-th anniversary of the Roerich Pact. My lecture about the new culture of peace will be held October 7-th.

As I got to know later, my stay in Altai had been of not only the working meaning, but also of some transcendental one, to expand the beneficial energies of our spiritual mentors, which always attend those places where the Banner of Peace is set. It is my hope that those high vibrations will give an impulse to the cooperation among the Roerich followers of those parts.

MY DEAR SPIRITUAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Let us ponder deeply on the Roerichs’ words, ”the unity by diversity”! Always remember that beyond the diversity of our thoughts and ideas there is some Universal Origin, ever. THE UNITY BY DIVERSITY!

Impatiently I am waiting for my next coming to far Rusia, where I should again be able to shake hands with my spiritual friends who are into the ideas of the Roerich family and the Banner of Peace. The spiritual bridge that has spread over the hemispheres brings us closely together in our wish of peace and beneficence to all the humanity. Along this spiritual artery, our voices shall conflow with the One Voice of Eternity...

Your sister in love and lowliness,
Alicia Rodríguez

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Dr. Alicia Rodríguez, the President of the Banner of Peace International Committee Visits Rusia.