Peace Declaration in Mexico on September 13, 2016

12.10.2016 • September 13, 2016 the Chamber of Representatives of the Queretaro city in Mexico and the International Committee for the Banner of Peace, headed by Dr. Alicia Rodriguez, signed the Anahuac Peace Declaration. Anahuac is the ancient core of Mexico and a huge number of indigenous dancers representing different ethnic groups joined this remarkable celebration in order to honour the ancient cultural roots of Mexico and the international Banner of Peace. The Banner of Peace was solemnly carried by Dr. Alicia Rodriguez for 4 hours, accompanied by 12.500 traditionally dressed dancers performing the spiritual dance called “active meditation”. After the ceremony, the Apache Committee of Peace presented a Ring of Apache Queen of Peace to Dr. Rodriguez, and the International Committee for the Banner of Peace honoured the indigenous dancers proclaiming them as guardians of this Banner.

Picture: "Dr. Rodriguez in the Queretaro city in Mexico – presentation of the Banner of Peace to the group of indigenous dancers".

The head of the Apache Committee of Peace, Gustavo Morales Flores, expressed his feelings in the following sense: ‘Today (…) we call up for the peace for the world … In a sacred ritual … we have shared the peace that was delivered by Alicia Rodriguez as the message of Light from Siberia and the Himalayas in the spirit of Nicholas Roerich. GRACIAS.  . . . GRACIAS.   . . . GRACIAS!

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