Definition of SYNTHESIS

Definition from an inter-cultural Point of View

SYNTHESIS: connecting single parts or elements into a unity or entity in contrast to ANALYSIS or dissection. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (German philosopher, 1770-1831) described synthesis as a balance between opposites (or thesis and antithesis) into something higher by uniting contrasts, followed by creation of something new.

SYNTHESIS is a spiritual ability in the sense of a synthetic and cosmic view, based on a highly developed consciousness as well as knowledge of cosmic laws, especially the laws of bi-polarity (duality) and evolution. SPIRIT is the energetic bearer of synthesis.

SYNTHESIS – as an active element of consciousness – can never be completed, but drives the human being to constant perfection towards infinity. The spirit of synthesis includes all areas of life. Therefore, synthesis is a collecting and uniting method. Realization of synthesis means an important step to improve life conditions in every aspect. Synthesis is expressed by „leading personalities“ in a self-evident way, also by founders of religions, teachers of wisdom as well as extraordinary thinkers (philosophers), artists or similar. Highly qualified political and social leadership requires the ability of SYNTHESIS as well as the ability to optimize the best elements available in order to develop and realize high-quality concepts for a political-ethical and spiritual-cultural approach on all levels.

An example from the recent changes in history: the extreme thesis of „capitalism“ caused its social antithesis in the „state-socialism“ (or in a more general term: communism)! Due to the decay of these two contrasting systems, a new synthesis will arise within short which could be called the „3rd-way-solution“ or „Ethical Humanism“ or „Natural socialism” or similar – strongly based on natural laws, reflecting into all individual and social fields of life. The motto „Unity in Diversity“ is a perfect slogan when striving for SYNTHESIS.

In the course of time a synthesis will turn to be a thesis again, giving birth to an anti-thesis – and this process will result in a new, further developed synthesis.

Only SYNTHESIS in all social fields and based on spiritual-cultural and ethical foundations can overcome all sorts of negative effects of global splitting processes. It is urgently necessary to implement scientific institutes for research and educational modules for the faculty of SYNTHESIS. All global problems can only be solved by concepts and solutions based on synthesis. There are no black-and-white solutions, our target must be: Unity in Diversity!


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