The traditional terms „father“ and „mother“ have been abolished in the EU and USA

14.01.2013 • The cultural confusion is increasing: the EU has decided to follow the trend originating in the US with respect to the term “Gender” which means that the actual gender of a person (female or male) is more and more disregarded. The modern terminology developed for this situation is ELDER 1 and ELDER 2! The term “Elder” is considered neutral – not giving any hint to the real gender.
The background of this strange development is the societal women’s movement which has been fighting for its recognition and equal rights in the society for good reasons within a civilization dominated by men. However, this movement under its new term is now growing and entering the administration so that several regions have already made changes accordingly (example: Switzerland).

It is about time that the general public is taking active position in face of this impossibility! Let us not forget that the entire subject is based on cultural dimensions established since the beginning of mankind. Apart from the fact that decisions like the one mentioned above must lead to even greater separations of the West and of the Christian civilization from a global cultural community, drastic changes in an inner understanding will have negative affects on the mind and heart feeling of everybody attached to the basic values of these terms beyond.

The so called white race (which is only 12% of the global population) certainly worsens the basis of mutual understanding towards the other inhabitants of our planet. World Peace or World Harmony resting on a societal, non-violent, ethically oriented fundament requires unity with respect to spiritual and cultural values where core notions are understood in the relatively identic way. As an example the term GOD is mostly understood as a synonym for the Highest, the Good, the Beautiful, the Pure, the True in almost all cultural communities. The terms mother and father are of significant, even holy value for most people and do reflect healing and strengthening effects. Researchers of mortality even observe that the majority of the civilized population addresses their “last thought” to the mother … Can one imagine such a thought towards an elder? Though this idea sounds ridiculous, it is not at all – but deeply sad!

It would be an unthinkable tragedy, if the educational systems and schools in particular would have to change their language such to be in line with “gender requirements”. Judging from a democratic point of view, each pupil, student or citizen in general should use the terms father and mother exactly in the same way as she or he has learned the cultural home language. A true democracy cannot prevent this spiritual freedom, since the (political and societal) power emanates from the people! (at least this is how it should be!)