Unity on the basis of Spirituality

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26.07.2012 • The paper “Unity on the basis of Spirituality” was first published in 2012 in the periodical of the International Ethical Association “World Spiral” (Austria) which has been dealing with spiritual, ethical and practical issues of humankind for more than 50 years. – The International Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe now received the permission to publish this very article in its website.

This paper was written by the editors of a WORLD PEACE network newly formed in 2012 with its central location in Europe in the peace city of Linz/AUSTRIA. The International Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe also became part of this network which is named


Pan-cultural World Peace Union”!

This newly formed initiative already enjoys numerous members and supporters from all over the world as active participants in this network.

The target is almost self-explanatory in its name – the international and intercultural members, collaborators, acting parties and supporters consider themselves as individual multipliers of the global idea of World Peace! The responsibility for all actions in conjunction with this high target in the name of humanity is with each human individual longing for World Peace on a social, ethical, active and non-violent basis!

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Editorial staff: PAX UNIVERSALIS, Pan-cultural World Peace Union
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Peace city LINZ/AUSTRIA, July 2012

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Unity on the basis of Spirituality

Spiritual Concord as prerequisite for a World Peace Community

Along with the developing process of consciousness, an increasing joy of living and understanding is being created leading to the wish for peace, for inner and outer harmony, to the same extent. However, there are also people of lower character development who do not seek or perceive the necessity of social harmony. Under no circumstances should people of this kind have access to decision-making positions in a cultural or social field; rather they should undergo some training in how to develop joy of living on a higher level for themselves and their environment.

The origin of social and/or peace communities is to be found in religions – as is even recognized by social sciences – that is, in all those teachings of wisdom dealing with inner peace and man’s social relation to his fellow man, to humanity and life on the whole. Life (as a biological-energetic, individualized principle) is considered sacred in every religion and teaching of wisdom, without exception. This, for example, is the main reason why all of the teachings of wisdom and all religions prohibit suicide, in view of the fact that no human being has ever given birth to himself and therefore, from an ethical perspective, is not allowed to put an end to it, let alone take somebody else’s life.

It is a fact that there is a widespread inability to form close, interpersonal relationships, to connect with others, especially in the Western civilization. This becomes even more evident when facing the high divorce statistics often rating between 60% and 80%. In addition, there are various social conflicts between the different generations. The bottom line of this situation is nothing else but the lack of character development and the social and personal inability to lead a relationship. This building of relationships, however, is a prerequisite for the gradual growth of an intercultural harmony and peace which, after all, must grow into a heartfelt desire!

Unfortunately, the religious and mostly confessional institutions in Europe have acted in contrast to peace and non-violence in their history, proven by the numerous wars in the past (civil wars, wars even between brothers). Asia, however, is giving evidence that it is possible to even defeat a world power – superior in terms of weapons and military – without using any violence, as long as the willpower is strong enough – see the example of Mahatma Gandhi, speaking for itself.

The ever-increasing amount of armaments with its massive killing potential is offered as a most dangerous tool to powerful political strategists who use this option to threaten, blackmail and pressure anyone – even under a “charity banner”. No doubt, the present social and cultural-religious structures are not at all suited for building world peace. There is still a long way to go, and we ALL must take charge to join these efforts!

World Peace-Community – essential requirement from the highest source

Even a simplified analysis of world religions and their ethical principles clearly shows that those basics invariably demand peace, non-violence and social harmony from the students or followers! These requirements are vital for planetary world peace, encompassing all of mankind. However, until this state is reached there will still be violence and armed conflicts paving the road of endeavour. A special characteristic of today’s Western society is that, for various reasons, it is disconnected from the rest of the world – leading a life, mostly untouched by world matters – at best people in the West learn about conflicts from the media.

This negative attitude in society is in complete contrast to the planetary plan and to all spiritual teachings of wisdom; it has meanwhile developed overkill potentials in astronomical dimensions over the last century (the technical progress being one cause). In case of confrontation on this level, there will be no “winners”, but only losers who eliminate themselves. People of this kind currently hold significant political positions. This becomes especially evident in the example of Israel’s head of state and from the aggressive readiness to use violence, as publicly stated, in connection with a military attack against Iran, which, according to media reports, was even supported by England and France. The majority of the democratic population (including Israel) will, in no way, agree with their government’s aggressive approach! But even after centuries of war the ‚silent’ majority, due to their material wealth, obviously still remains in a state of inertia – without feeling the need for peaceful, non-violent conduct since they feel protected by their own nuclear weapons.

A serious World Peace-policy is not possible with citizens of such quality. In contrast to this situation however, we can also see that there are many cultural individuals and peoples who have developed the capacity of living in world peace, thanks to their broad consciousness and quality of character! Such quality, however, is primarily owed to the higher spiritual source in Universe from which we receive beauty, harmony, joy and peace.

A common source of spirituality?

Although world religions and high politics have approached each other during the last century, the UN’s efforts still are far away from ensuring a stable peace anywhere – a kind of peace as demanded by ‘God’ through his prophets! In addition, there is still too much conflict inherent in the religious understanding of God due to the lack of a common, theological-scientific concept of God. Unless a mutual understanding is reached, based on theology and science, on the fact that the laws of the Universe are the same as the divine fundaments – and ‘God’ as the highest concept of culture – a unity of religion and science (heart and intellect/head) will remain theory and thus the primary cause of the most severe wars will not be eliminated.

The world’s teachers always pointed out that true religion creates knowledge, a fact which speaks for itself in view of the universal dimensions of limitlessness and infinity – which is not accepted by science in its full consequence. All the laws of the Universe apply both on the large and small scale, which is general scientific knowledge today – and the principles of life as understood in the different religions are identical with those recognized by science. All laws originate from one source and therefore cannot be contradictory!

Common spiritual teachers?

Since there is only one source and thus only one truth, the brotherhood of prophets is and will remain the most important spiritual orientation for mankind!

With this basic understanding in mind, all humans, as a matter of principle, are brothers and sisters – regardless of their nation, race or culture! Therefore, we all, without exception, are subject to the same cosmic-universal or “divine” laws and thus to the identical cosmic-universal order and justice! We all are of equal value and in carrying out our duties we also have the same rights! As the ancient teachers of wisdom, such as Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohamed or Plato, Confucius, Lao-tse and others emphasized, they have initiated their schools of life in order to improve human consciousness and character, by education (gaining knowledge) and ennoblement of the ethical assets embedded in every human heart! Qualified politicians have long recognized that those fields of raising consciousness and the education of character are key elements for social harmony in a state. This, however, requires teachers and leading representatives acting as examples worth following to the young generation. State teachers must consider themselves as a reflection of all those high teachers of mankind who, by example, served the good, love towards humanity, beauty and truth. By educating the young in this direction they must ensure their country’s wealth and honour, rise, joy and peace. As many examples throughout cultural history have shown, extraordinary potentials of peacefulness exist within every human heart! With the help of a goal-oriented state programme and in collaboration with the different sciences (theology, sociology, psychology, medicine, biology, psychic energy, cosmology and others) these potentials must be developed globally to a high standard.

There is only one spiritual Brotherhood of Light! Over the last few thousand years cultural history has shown that Light always prevails, despite all dark forces. It is this deep conviction arising from the power of the heart which leads to victory and, what is even more, can avoid wars! And so, every nation can be proud of its own peace fighters, their ‘Mahatma Gandhi’!

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity – one spiritual brotherhood

Taking into consideration today’s comparative cultural and religious studies, it is high time to acknowledge that all world teachers follow the same principles in their teachings: their instructions for behaviour, their recommendations, their rules of life and prophecies show distinct common lines! And this is true for all religions coming from the (one) source of light.

On behalf of humanity, all true religious leaders are therefore called upon in the name of humanity to gather at the ‘round table’ of spiritual concord, in order to emphasize the common principles of cultural unity and fraternity and to take an active role in representing these on a worldwide basis. A policy which is seriously peace-seeking cannot but welcome such dynamic support of peace activities.

The approach of the seemingly different manifestations and interpretations of one and the same religious-philosophical message will eventually lead to spiritual concord and cooperation, just as it has been formulated and recommended by the highest thinkers, writers and sages from all over the world!

All men shall be brothers! – With this appeal the world-renowned “Ode to Joy” (Friedrich von Schiller), set to music by Ludwig van Beethoven, expresses concisely our common goal! This Spiritual Brotherhood needs to be brought to existence, independent of the name given to it, since there might be an infinite number of names for “God”, but all leading to the same source. Different names are not relevant here; this is confirmed by all world religions which often use numerous names for their ”God”!

In this sense, the new epoch will provide for a new in-depth understanding of the cosmic-universal order and concept of God. The first intercultural cross-border communities have formed already – and others will follow. Man, as a cosmic principle, as a cosmic-universal creature, should be open to higher realities and turn his spiritual eye upwards, towards the sun, the stars, the skies, the spiritual light. In this way, we shall become united brothers and sisters.

Note: In this article the notion „brother” is to be understood in its spiritual sense, it encompasses the whole of humanity, since women or sisters are an essential part of this brotherhood!